Rachel Suhs
Artist • Illustrator • Designer

Graphic Design

A collection of graphic design projects from 2013-current including illustration, branding, interactive, and publication design. 

Northern Lights

Northern Lights was created as an interactive version of Phillip Pullman's series, His Dark Materials. Northern Lights demonstrates scrolling effects, interactive materials, digital navigation, and visually engaging features that can only be found in a digital format, while keeping true to the spirit of the source material.


Apologue was created as a digital publication company that specializes in interactive books for a young adult audience.

Design + Film

Design + Film is a hypothetical conference celebrating the innovation within title sequence design. The booklet "For the Love of the Title" was created as a visual guide to the history of title sequence design.

Danielle & Dillon Wedding Stationery

The wedding stationery and paper goods for Danielle Lowe and Dillon Summerlin's wedding captured the wonder of a classic Disney wedding while fitting the elegance of a traditional ceremony and nods to Summerlin's service in the Navy.