The Never-Ending Mural Project

About a year ago I took over another room in my house to claim it as official studio space. Of course, my first move is to paint one of the walls white in the intention of creating a mural, that would take me no longer than a month to complete.
The thing is, I never abide by self-assigned deadlines or plans.
To start with I had a quick sketch on a bit of paper which I thought would be enough to get me started. This time last year I was super into hand lettering (still am) and figured a giant wall would be perfect for hand lettering a sizeable quote.

The rough early stages

My plan started out pretty simple: a giant portal filled with stars and text on either side. But I'm also impatient so some of the text began to be painted on one side before I finished sketching out the other.

Working out of order

After a while, I became a bit despondent about the whole project. I wanted a usable studio space right then, not once I finished the mural. And so I let it sit. And sit. And sit. When I finally came back to it, some months later, the pencil on the wall seemed impossible to erase and I had no idea how to clean up the area around the letters. Until I did.

The whole idea I had for this project was a portal with stars spilling out surrounded by a beautiful quote. Why couldn't the stars breech the portal? I tried and I liked what I saw.

Once I started adding the color, there was only one problem. The letters faded into the background way too much, so I had to line each letter in white. The overall effect ended up better than I could have imagined.

I never expected this project to span almost a year, but I'm happy it's finally done. I wish I had taken a few steps back a bit earlier, but it's all part of the process.