A Brief History

Like a lot of creatives, I grew up drawing. It didn't matter much to me: paper, walls, clothes I drew on everything I could. I picked my favorite storybooks off the illustrations and I poured over The Art of Star Wars books every chance I got. 

My love of drawing bled into writing stories and exploring the other arts in music and theater. When it came time to pick an area to study, I struggled to pick one. It wasn't until I took a drawing class and my teacher asked what I planned to do with my major at the time, art and marketing double major. I talked about wanting to illustrate and he pointed me in the direction of the graphic design department. While my love of illustrating got me there, my studies opened my eyes to branding, interactive design, typography and animation.

I started working at The Auburn Plainsman where I got my start illustrating. It quickly moved from that to page layout and editorial cartoons. I sharpened my interactive skills at the extension and even worked with the recycling department on a campaign.

Since graduating, I have been combining my love for interactive, illustration, and animation as a multimedia developer. When not on the clock, I'm working up designs for personal projects, freelancing and designing for my community as part of Huntsville Young Professionals. 

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